Welcome! New Realm Brewery to Historic Savannah Georgia.

The success of any new restaurant in Savannah lies with how well it integrates into the hostess city.  Owners of New Realm Distilling Company didn’t just choose Savannah because of its great charm and evolving food scene, they chose Savannah to be home to a business that they take great pride in.  As much as New Realm is part of the landscape of Savannah, Savannah is now part of the landscape of New Realm.

Great Details & Good for Date Night

Every detail of the new location on the corner of Whitaker and State streets was thoroughly and thoughtfully mapped out, from the staff eager to welcome you at the front door to the relaxed elegant vibe upstairs. The vibe balances casual yet sophisticated in the downstairs bar for the beer connoisseur with a slightly sexy vibe that is date night approved in the dining rooms on the upper floors.

The Beer Enthusiast

For the beer enthusiast, we encourage you to strike up a conversation with one of their knowledgeable bartenders. We spoke to brew master, Mitch Steele, and he shared how they take great pride in having a beer for every palate.


Locally Sourced Food

How did it take me this long to get to the food?  The food!  The food is delish. Perhaps more importantly than that, its locally sourced.  The New Realm team took integration into Savannah to heart and are working to support local farmers and fisherman.  They certainly have our stamp of approval for that.

This new hot spot, if we should be so bold as to claim their success, boasts three stories of original exposed brick with carefully crafted décor that gives a nod to Savannah and all that it expects from a dining experience.


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