Tall Tales with Captain Cree Michelle

I’ve always had this weird goal. I never knew how I was going to make it happen, but I knew at some point it would be a possibility. At some point in my middle school career, I started watching shows like the Wiggles, Rolly Poly Oli, and Bear in the Big Blue House religiously. Even Blue’s Clues was a regular for me and I was deeply upset when Steve finally moved on and left the show. I was much too old for these shows and the challenges they placed before me were simple hurdles. However, I couldn’t stop watching them. I enjoyed the simplicity of the shows and seeing how happy children were to watch them made me like them all the more! 

So around 9th grade I decided that one day I would be in my own children’s show! It would be a hybrid of the mysteries of Blue Clues, the simple silly songs of the wiggles and puppets. There had to be puppets! I would teach children their ABCs and go on crazy green screened adventures to show children how important it is to have friends. Needless to say, somehow that mentality became a part of my everyday life. I’ve developed a rapport with children to where they see me as a real-life cartoon character. Which I have no problems with! 

Once the shutdown became common place and the schools were officially shut down for the rest of the year, I couldn’t help but worry about what children were going to do now. Granted they don’t have to worry about cartoons only being on for a specific amount of time, but children do need activity and engagement to develop properly. That’s when I saw this post circulating around the cosplay community urging cosplayers to read storybooks as their favorite characters! I immediately jumped on it and did way more than necessary. For a moment I found myself creating my own children’s show! The response was so positive, that my manager at Speyre Network I make it a regular thing! Of course, thinking about doing it alone was daunting, but knowing I had his help was more than enough to start fleshing out the show!  

Tall Tales! With Captain Cree Michelle will be an interactive story time live show where children will be able to get the necessary amount of engagement they need to shake up their stay at home routine. I plan to have games like I spy or spot the difference as well as different story books to read to them! My ultimate goal with this live series is to give a little comfort to those at a loss of what to do with themselves and their families and bring some light into this otherwise dark situation.  


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