Savannah Influencers

Live Like Locals partners with passionate people in the community who want to grow their reach.  If you’re in the Savannah, Low Country, Statesboro or Jacksonville area and are currently working to grow your audience but need an additional platform to give it a boost, let’s see if you have what it takes to become a Live Like Locals influencer.  


Why become a Live Like Locals Influencer?

If you’re reading this, that means you are working to grow your online presence… but are finding it difficult to do it alone. Thousands of people are trying to become influencers on their own.  It’s not only hard, it’s virtually impossible.  It requires strategic partnerships and a team.

The Live Like Locals influencers are out in the community sharing all of the goodness that living local affords.  As an influencer you get to show off your reporting skills, host some videos and grow your local influence. Our influencers also have access to a seasoned team of digital marketers who will help grow thir online brand through web, social and video.

What’s InvoLved IN becoming a Live Like Locals Influencer?

In order to become a Live Like Locals influencer you want to be a natural on camera. You need to have the desire to work hard and grow your brand. We also expect our influencers to be skillful. Do you have skills as a vidoegrapher, photographer, graphic designer, web developer, event planner and many other skills that can help grow the Live Like Locals brand? If you do then, you’re one step closer to becoming a Live Like Locals Influencer.  

How do you benefit from becoming a Live Like Locals Influencer?

Digital Marketing Support

We’re going to provide you with all of the Digital Media support you need to grow your brand: Website, Social Media, Email Growth, and tons of Video Content.

Influencer Growth Support

While this is certainly meant to be fun, we know you want your influencer status to reap monetary rewards. But first, you have to grow your audience and that’s our goal.

Ongoing Training

As you demonstrate your committment to being a Live Like Locals Influencer we will provide you with training opportunities to help you continue to learn and grow your on camera skills.

Financial Growth

If you aren’t growing, we aren’t growing.  We’re committed to helping you  achieve the financial success that can come along with being an influence in your community and beyond. 

So you think that you’re ready to take the next step and enter an application?

Great, we hope to see your application in our inbox soon. But first there are three more things you should know before you apply.

  • First, Although there will be opportunities to make money as an influencer this position is not a paid position.
  • Secondly, you will not have to pay anything for all the services that will be provided to you like video content and online brand development.
  • Third, you must be able available on average about 10 – 15 hours a week.

This opportunity is NOT a hobby for us.  It’s a job (one that we are very passionate about) and will be treated like one by every person on our team.  This is ONLY for people that are serious about growing an online brand and have fun doing so.


In order to have a completed application you must submit a short video of yourself. Please keep the video under two minutes. It can be about you or you doing something like interviewing someone. This is your chance to show us how you could be integrated into the Live Like Locals team.  Have fun and be creative!

  • Copy and paste your profile below.
  • Copy and paste your profile below.
  • Copy and paste your profile below.
  • For example, Are you a musician, Do you love fashion? Are you a car enthusiast? etc.
  • Check all that apply.
  • If the video file is bigger than 512MB, then provide us with a link to download your video.
  • Copy and past your Video URL below.