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Productive & Theraputic Massage of Savannah


Productive & Theraputic Massage of Savannah focuses on individuals suffering from debilitating chronic pain from illness, disease, and stress, and helping clients rehabilitating from work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and repetitive sports injuries.

A consistent massage schedule to manage symptoms of chronic and acute injury pain can lead to a future with reduced pain, a faster recovery process, more flexibility, and a better range of motion.



Did you know that a therapeutic massage can help with body scars? Are you experiencing tightness from stress? Are you having problems with old body injuries?

This 80 minute therapeutic massage will target that problem area that you so need help with.

For work on a specific scar and surrounding tissue or a specific body area like the shoulders/neck that may be inhibited by full function; will include special cbd topical ointment (isolate not full spectrum for those in government jobs etc that aren’t allowed full spectrum) for combating inflammation and promoting healthy tissue mobility; includes a 20 minute repose (nap) rest, gather your thoughts, meditate, sleep for 20 minutes after the session is complete.


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