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My Holiday Picks

My Holiday Picks

So it’s time to get into the Holiday season Savannah.. That means soon there will be a Christmas tree lighting's, pop up shops and lots of parties. Well every year to capture all of the wonderment of the holidays I decide to do Something Festive,  Something New and...

My Top Touring Bands

My Top Touring Bands

My Top Touring Bands Hey Everyone! I'm going to highlight some of my favorite up and coming bands that I love. They inspire me as a performer with Two on Tour; which is me and my tour partner Jazz-songstress Waberi Jordan  (#blackmariahs).  Now...

My Top Savannah Restaurants

My Top Savannah Restaurants

Hello I’m Shena Verrett and welcome to the Who’s Who and What’s What! “What is that?” you ask? Well,  for years I have attended, participated, performed and hosted so many fantastic events here in Savannah and in doing so I’ve met some of the best people and have gone...