Ones to Watch

As a social muse, there are people I’ve encountered that I find exceptional and inspirational. They’re artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and generally Who’s Who! So here’s the first of three segments featuring my Ones to Watch in Savannah on the Who’s Who and What’s What!

Jessica Leigh Lebos: Writer/Author

I was a fan way before I first met JLL years go. She was writing her Community Column and I was eager to learn everything about this new fascinating city. I admired her take on Savannah and her can tell that she cared about her city.

Jessica Leigh Lebos: A.K.A. Yo Yenta, Columnist (Connect), A.K.A the Author of Savannah Sideways: a curated collection of observations about none other than Savannah. She’s got an infectious smile and frankly some of the best dance moves I’ve witnessed…who knew? 

JLL is a legend in the community now immortalized by Panhandle Slim. She is ever present on the Savannah scene whether comedy stand up for charity the American Legion or narrating  the Rocky Horror Show at the Bay Street Theater. Basically if she’s in the place, you’re in the right place.

Now she’s got this great book out that is quintessential savannah… I still need my copy autographed btw. 


Erica Lumpert: CEO

Picture it…Savannah two thousand something… I was attending a South Magazine issue release party and there were giant posters of all of the people featured in the issue all over the venue. 

As I crossed the courtyard and i see a picture of this fierce red-head arms folded and all business I remember looking at it thinking “this woman is a Boss! I have to meet her” cut past a year or so later we cross paths and I look up to see her and I say.. “It’s her” You’re Her” … yes I totally fan-girled out. 

Short story long:turns out she is a Boss..In a male-dominated field. Erica Lumpert is  the CEO of Security Associates of Coastal GA, LLC

 SACG is the top security company in SAV  and they provide officers to secure everything from Schools, apartments to film sets and events. 

Not to mention extremely supportive of the Savannah Community. Sponsors some great events like South’s Magazine releases, Tybee-Critz Run, Tiffani Taylor’s Art Walk, Honors Gala TWO on Tour shows the list goes on! 

 Well her company has just celebrated 6 years and has grown exponentially in the last year much so that the company hosts a Job Fair every Tuesday morning to greet prospective employees and clients. 

Yes, Erica continues to make it happen and inspire in business, friendship and community. 


Adriana Iris Boatwright: Photographer

I met Adriana when I was fresh on the Savannah media scene. She was a gracious, beautiful and professional. She was one photographer who t got it! Fashion was personality and photos are more than pics. And I’ve admired her work and rise ever since. 

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adriana and having my picture taken by Adriiana at events over the years and her award-winning photography is unmistakable. plus she’s the writer of the loved and popular blog La Dolce Vida — The Sweet Life.

She shoots dazzling covers and pages for Do Savannah, Savannah Morning News.

Along with music festivals, film productions and of course models. Of course one browse at her website or instagram and you’ll see that Adriana finds inspiration everywhere, so she doesn’t need an event or model to take the perfect picture. 

The ones to Watch always have several traits about  them that I myself try to incorporate into my making it happen movements. !

Here’s  some Social Musings that will help you get closer to your inner Boss 

  1. Support the community​- how you support the community depends on your talents, but find a way to give your time or money to a charitable or neighborhood events.


  1. Persistent and Consistent; ​ i’ve known each of these ladies for sometime and they have grown to excel one day at a time. Learn everyday, grow everyday.


  1. Your hard work counts:​ It’s like that ol’ cliche, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  So whatever your doing, be proud of it and keep doing it! 


If you haven’t checked the websites of the ones to watch then do yourself a favor and get inspired.  More info on on my website ​  

 You’ll also find my influencer blogs that muse all about networking, community, fashion, music and life experiences! Speaking  of experiences  I’ll see you next time on the​ ​Who’s Who & What’s What .


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