My Top Touring Bands

My Top Touring Bands

Hey Everyone! I’m going to highlight some of my favorite up and coming bands that I love. They inspire me as a performer with Two on Tour; which is me and my tour partner Jazz-songstress Waberi Jordan  (#blackmariahs). 

Now the following recording artists came to Savannah and gave some amazing performances that I will always remember.  So in no particular order we go


When I saw Derek Day perform here in Savannah he was opening for one of my all-time favorite bands Living Colour. My bestie Renee’ LaSalle had an interview with Living Colour band member bassist Doug Wimbish and we were overjoyed to be meeting these rock legends! 

Who knew that the show’s opener would be this Fender guitar endorsed rock fueled ball of unmatched energy!?

Derek Day hit the stage and I didn’t stop dancing until the last note! Derek is a true entertainer! The stage is his playground and he does not curb his enthusiasm. Delivering  powerful vocals while wielding his guitar with moving, jumping and spinning precision. We knew we were witnessing something special.  He has since played on stage with Stevie Vai, Vernon Reid and Moby in prestigious venues from Lincoln Center to The Roxy.

This song was co-written by Derek Day and the legendary Vernon Reid

Video:  “ click on me “

Renee’, our bff Ashley Borders and I had a chance to meet Derek Day’s band and his Manager, Ali Shayesteh and they were absolutely fantastic guys. Derek said the band had a chance to see a little bit of Savannah when they got to town and loved it! Living in Los Angeles, Derek is a staple at the famous and legendary Whiskey-A-Go-Go and tours internationally. Let’s keep our  fingers crossed that he comes back to Savannah soon… you will not want to miss that show. 

For more on Derek Day go to . 


Lead Vocal Mitchel Arnold and Lead Guitar Phillip Vilenski met when they were 18 years old have been touring together with their band for over a decade boasting some charting rock singles. Now the two have taken a look at what makes them who they are which boils down to telling their experiences through songwriting.  

This is one of their earlier songs, but it’s a testimony to their timeless songwriting and…give you somewhere to start while you catch up to their most recent endeavors.

Video:  Welcome to my head by Wayland

Hanging with the radio personalities Don Scott, Sarah Hamilton and some of the other I-95 the Rock of Savannah folks, I saw Wayland opening for the  Legendary Blue Oyster Cult here in Savannah! I immediately gravitated to their wonderful sound and music writing. Each song felt like a labor of love, thoughtful lyrics and musicians with so much personality you couldn’t help but get caught up in the music. 

They seem to have all the right elements in place including being signed to Sharon Osborne’s label Fearlyss Entertainment and a great musical line up on stage. For tour info and more at . 


So I was riding in the car with some friends and the driver puts on some music. As I listened I was shocked I hadn’t heard it before, it was amazing. I asked him who’s the artist  and he says ‘Cooley Savant, my girl’. I laughed, still not knowing who it was just knowing what I was hearing was AWESOME. The music was unique and I dug it.. I was like “Tell her she’s got a new biggest fan” ! 

Video : Cooley Savant Performance LIVE at LXVE FEST 2018

…Did she say “Luke Cage in the blue suedes”? Whaatt? 

She hails from Atlanta but tours around the U.S. known for her lyrical rap skills and smooth vocals. When the music drops, her small petite frame consumes the stage with energy and sic verbal prowess. I’ll keep you posted on  when she comes to Savannah so you can catch all the vibes. Get in the know at 

If you happen to see these bands live get to know them! Here’s some Social Musings that will help you get closer to the music  

  1. If you like it it – buy..yes buy their music: online/CD whatever. And ‘ Like’  them on social media and if you like what you see and hear, tell a friend. 
  1. Don’t be shy, say Hi– If you have a chance to tell the artists how much you enjoyed their show/music/performance after the show tell them! They will really appreciate it. 
  1. Add it to your playlist: When you have gatherings and parties throw some of your new found music with your regular music rotation, your guests will love the refreshing change of pace plus become fans of some new artists 

If you haven’t checked these bands out then do yourself a favor and partake and get more info on on my website 

You’ll also find my influencer blogs that muse all about networking, community, fashion, music and life experiences! Speaking  of experiences I’ll see you next time on the Who’s Who & What’s What.

Keep it social!


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