My Top Savannah Restaurants

Hello I’m Shena Verrett and welcome to the Who’s Who and What’s What! “What is that?” you ask? Well,  for years I have attended, participated, performed and hosted so many fantastic events here in Savannah and in doing so I’ve met some of the best people and have gone to some of the most exquisite places!

As a result, I’ve become what I call a Social Muse; I both entertain and enjoy! So basically, eating, drinking and bringing good energy to the gathering is my thing.  I’m sharing some of my experiences so you’ll be privy to the best Savannah has to offer,

You’ll begin to network with some of your creative peers and colleagues, make some  great friends,and dine on delicious food… Or as I like to say the Who’s Who and What’s What!

So let’s make it happen!

We’re going to start things off with my three of my fave restaurants right here in the Hostess City where I love to do my best eating, drinking and socializing!

 Shena Rule #102:  If you know where to go you’ll meet who you want to know.


Is not just a restaurant…this is a destination, an experience! So much so you’ll definitely want to take a tour of both floors of this exquisitely restored historic abode owned by Savannah restaurateurs Donald Lubowicki and Jeffrey Downey.

Any of their six dining rooms are perfect for entertaining clients, friends or especially out-of-town guests. You’ll see the Oohs and Aahs in their faces when you give them a tour of the home and ascend the stairs to reveal the impressively renovated Chapel on the top floor; complete with stain-glass windows.

Now the menu is Fine Dining Italian from both Northern and Southern regions of Italy and changes seasonally. The culinary talents of Chef Stephen Mclain make every bite delicious and memorable and has since the doors opened.

The votes are in! Open less than a year, La Scala has been voted #1 Italian restaurant in Savannah. Savannahians love what they see and taste and it’s also a source of pride for the community that watched La Scala being restored for nearly three years! The anticipation was elevated as the property took beautiful form.

To highlight the launch of La Scala, the owners introduced  a Moon River Brewing Rosemary IPA private bottling! Just one of the many touches that Donald and Jeffrey have that accents a unique experience in fine dining! 

Now the Cool Kids know how to start or end the night… that’s at their cozy bar stocked with the best Italian wines and specialty cocktails; which can be carried to the tranquil outside garden area. Both the bar and the garden are perfect for an appy before dinner (like the Margherita Pizza which is not on the menu…but now you know and have to have it and it’s delicious) or dessert and coffee after dinner…and It’s always wine time somewhere. 

La Scala Ristorante
119 East 37th St
Savannah, Georgia
Call (912) 238-3100

ATLANTIC – a neighborhood eatery 

Atlantic is the quentistial neighborhood eatery. Not only is it right on the corner but it’s a place that you’re sure to run into friends and join them or they join you…it’s that place! It usually culminates into a full fledged gathering…just from the sheer number of friends in the room 

Owners are Jason Restivo and his fabulous wife Jennifer Spannbaur Restivo. Jason was voted Best Sommelier in Savannah for a reason, the wine selection is always tailor made.The Atlantic boast a well rounded menu that always has the freshest seafood and creatively conceived dishes…

Atlantic’s flare for the awesome attracts diners looking for an upscale bustling local atmosphere beit inside the dining room or their spacious outdoor courtyard. 

I’ve been to several events held at Atlantic and, and I’ve seen it for myself why this neighborhood eatery is so beloved for their food, wine and giving back to the community. I believe my first introduction to Atlantic was with my besties Renee LaSalle and Ashley Borders for a fundraiser for one of the many charities they raise money for… But I do remember lots of dancing. 

That girl Alexa Frame also knows how to bring gatherings to Atlantic for fun and for cause. Just saying, anytime is a good time to show your face in the place. Did I mention that they have great wine?  

And I just got some super secret information from Jennifer that she and Jason will soon be opening a Tiki Bar in the near future. Now the only thing better than a great cocktail is one with a cute little umbrella in it!! Yay Atlantic! Looking forward to a wonderful new venture for them and another great place for us to meet and eat. 

Atlantic – a neighborhood eatery

102 E Victory Dr
Savannah, Georgia
Call (912) 417-8887


Noble Fare is probably the best kept secret in Savannah…I say that because I was late to the game I’ve only recently discovered how next level this place is through a few friends who are friends of the Chef.

Chef Pat does not play by the rules! It is creative combinations, it is artfully presented food And it is delicious! I almost don’t want to give too much away because I want to make sure “I” Get a table… and also, every night is different so i can’t give too much away…

I will say SCALLOPS!! And leave it at that… I would never tell you about the deserts because again… I need my reservations too… I will say that Chef Pat and his wife Jenny McNamara own this local haven that boasts their own steak sauce to adorn his perfectly prepared steaks! I put that sauce on everything!

It’s gorgeously designed and spaced to feel like your table is the only table in the room.  If you want to know where the locals who know what to eat eat….. it’s the Noble Fare flavor with a wine pairing!

Noble Fare
321 Jefferson St
Savannah, GA 31401
Call (912) 443-3210

Now that I’ve made myself completely hungry talking about food, there are some networking takeaways that I mentioned in my three faves. But knowing where to go is great but once you get there… make it count. So here’s some Social Musings:

1. Be a creature of habit.

By having your own favorite drink makes you memorable: At La Scala they know I’m going to have a Malbec… when I sit down so comes the wine… they know what I like They know 9/9 times that’s what I order.

2. Go frequently and introduce good friends too.

It establishes your good taste: I mentioned a few good friends introduced me to Atlantic; Renee, Ashley, Alexa… all whose taste I value so their recommendation and their invitation to such a great place was a plus.

3. Never reveal everything.

The best thing about being there is being there so by leaving some things out of the story to be discovered, you’ll be able to experience it for yourself and not just have me or anyone else give all the spoilers… some info must be withheld. That’s Noble Fare.. each meal will not be like the last but always better than you could expect cause it’s Chef’s choice! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

If you haven’t checked these restaurants out then do yourself a favor and partake.  If you have then I’ve probably seen you there.

You’ll also find my Influencer blogs that talk all about networking, community, fashion, music and life experiences at Speaking of experiences I’ll see you next time on the Who’s Who and What’s What!

Keep it Social!


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