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The Local Savannah Subscription Program is designed to give you affordable video content and social media exposure while helping contribute to the growth of local artist that are looking for platforms like Live Like Locals to share their talents. Best of all, It’s only $175 per month with no setup fees, no long term contracts and you can cancel at anytime!

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Why participate in Local Savannah Subscription Program?

Reach Over 30,000+ People Per Month

Live Like Locals currently reaches over 30,000+ people (AND GROWING!) each month through our Social Media Platforms

Video Marketing

Receive a 30 second customized video to PROMOTE your business each month.

Shareable content

Video content is shared by more people than images. We’ll be giving you one video a month to share to your Social Media Followers!

Mentions On Live Like Locals

Live Like Locals will mention your business up to 5 times a month to help you draw new customers to your business.

Lead Generation

We’ll help you generate leads or help build your monthly email campaigns through a lead capture page with Live Like Locals.

Giving Back to the Community

Live Like Locals is developing programs to help local artist express themselves through video creation on the Live Like Locals Channel. Your involvement in Local Savannah contributes towards the growth of these programs.

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