Local Artist Maddie Grace on LLL Savannah Spotlight

Maddie Grace is an artist that has been featured in galleries as well as on a variety of online interviews. She rose to stardom quickly through her massive accumulation of work. She started as a child artist with a passion in music, cooking, theater and more.

It was a pleasure to have Maddie Grace in our first Live Like Locals Savannah Spotlight. If you are interested in hearing more about what Maddie is up to recently be sure to tune in to our Savannah Spotlight episode.

Maddie had a passion for art that started as a young child. She began with theatre in high school and discovered painting shortly after. Her style was known to be very loose. She is known for using many different bold brush strokes and highly vibrant colors. As a graduate student enrolled at Georgia Southern University, Maddie Grace is still selling a wide range of her work and she is working to build her career in art with a wide range of commissions and unique opportunities.

If you are interested in seeing more of Maddie Grace’s work, consider checking out her large portfolio online, www.maddiegraceart.com or take a look at her art Instagram page, www.instagram.com/maddiegraceart . Checking into her shop or the wide range of art that she has had commissioned will give you an idea of the artwork that she can create. Maddie will only continue to produce beautiful art for the world.

Maddie Grace has an exciting career in art ahead of her and a number of professionals and art lovers are going to be watching her progress closely to see how her career will advance throughout her schooling. If you would like to learn more about Maddie Grace, be sure to visit her page, watch her interview at our Live Like Locals Savannah Spotlight or check out her live art series today!