Larek Point Consulting: Top 2 Growth Strategies for Local Businesses

The number one reason small businesses stay small is that not the lack of customers, it’s quite simply because the business owners try to do too much themselves.

Lead strategist, Ammie Dover tell us that ‘In order to grow, the business owner actually needs to do less’.  REALLY!  It sounds a little counter intuitive at first but hear us out.  We spent some time with the team at Larek Point and this is what we learned.

The #1 Growth Strategy

Build Your Team!  Too many business owners try to do it all themselves because they consider their time as free labor.  The fact that a person’s time is free is a fallacy and one of the most costly mistakes a business owner can make.  OUCH!

The business owner’s time is best spent leading their team and growing their business not doing paperwork, research or scheduling.  What we learned is that the business owner’s primary role is to work ON the business NOT in it.

The #2 Growth Strategy

Delegate!  This is actually one of our favorite words.  Once you build your team, empower them to do the work they were brought on to do. Empower them to make informed decisions. Empower them to get creative in their problem solving.

Delegation combined with empowerment is an incredible combination. When you master this combo, you’ll start to see your employees step up and handle things in ways that you yourself wouldn’t necessarily have thought to of. The more empowered your employees are, the more productive they will be and you’ll see that they will begin to do more than expected.

Build your team.  Delegate work to them and empower them to do the work.
THIS is how small business owners can fast track their growth.

Fun Fact about Larek Point

Did you know that Larek Point runs the back office for some local businesses that you might recognize?  For example, if you call Barkly Grove to schedule pet sitting, you’ll talk to the Larek Point team.  They handle all of the incoming inquiries via the web and phone, process all scheduling, they route the pet sitters and perform all client tracking.  All of that frees up hours each week for their clients to focus on serving their customers well, leading their team, and building their business.

If you need more time to focus on serving your customers, leading your team and building your business, it may be time to reach out to Larek Point and see how they can become a part of your extended team.


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