Introducing The Savannah Marketplace: Local Shopping Made Easy

Imagine for a moment that Etsy and Groupon got together to form a new company that had only the best features of each site and lower fees? Well they didn’t join forces but  the Live Like Locals Savannah Marketplace is the solution that small businesses have been looking for. Our new marketplace is an opportunity to bring together makers of products, graphic/designers/artist and the service industry all in one local buying location called the Savannah Marketplace.  Let’s take a look at how we service each one of these industries.

Makers of Products

All across the country there are people who have started small businesses by making things, whether it be soaps, candles, clothing apparel, people are actively building and creating businesses. We want to open an new avenue for makers to potentially sell their products without a big expense.

What we do is we create a mini-store in our marketplace completely managed by us, similar to Etsy except all done for you. Then, we kick it up a notch and we promote your products through our social networks, attract new business for your product and generate sales.

You can be part of our marketplace for as little as $15 per month, plus we only take a 15% commission on every item sold.  Another fun fact…most makers spend more money on being vendors and online advertising than the cost of us helping promote and sell your product.


Do you love designing? Are you an artist who loves creating? We’ve created a potential secondary or third revenue stream for you. All you do is submit a design to us. We decide what type of merchandise we want to place your design on. It may be a t-shirt, a mug, a canvas, a beach towel, a bag or any other available merchandise.

We then create a mock-up, create a mini-store for your merchandise designs, promote your designs, create sales and even take care of fulfillment. What does it cost you the designer? Three submitted designs is only $10 per month and you’ll make a 12% commission on every sale.

Promote your mini-store, increase your sales and create a secondary income for yourself without all the extra work.

The Service Industry

Remember, Groupon? The company whose model is based on 50% of the sale. Personally, I’ve never understood how anyone can afford to sell their products on Groupon.  There’s no real room for profits. We’ve created an easier model for the service industry one in which we help promote a service through an offer. We promote it, sell it and only charge a 15% transaction fee.

Your business can quickly get started by simply choosing one of three services in our marketplace.