Introducing ‘Local Savannah’

The Team at the Speyre Network is excited to announce one of our newest programs entering the 2019 year. It’s called Local Savannah. Local Savannah is a special video subscription program that will help bring awareness to locally owned businesses through our Live Like Locals Savannah network.  There are three major reasons to consider joining the Local Savannah Video Subscription Program. 

Video Content

Video Content is one of the most necessary marketing methods that all businesses need to consider using in the upcoming 2019 year. The Speyre Network has included a 30 second video in its program that the business will receive each month. The video will highlight something about the business and connect it with something that is occurring in that particular month. For Example, if it’s February, the video can make reference to Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, or a City-Wide initiative no matter what content you would like to connect your video to, it will provide some timely interest to your social media followers. 

Social Media  

Live Like Locals Savannah social media reaches tens of thousands of people each month. We want to talk about your business each month through our social media networks with the goal of helping you develop leads. Our goal is not only to make you a video but to promote that video through our social media networks and also spend our money on advertising your posts. 

Lead Capture 

What good is promotion if you aren’t turning this new audience into paying customers?  We know that what you really want is an effective way to grow your business.  This is why we also create a lead capture page on the Live Like Locals Savannah website where we will attract our audience to and present them with a special offer for your business. This not only attracts an audience to our webpages but it also creates a potential lead for your business as well. 

The best part of the program is its affordability. For only $175 per month you’re getting a 30 second video every month, social media mentions and dollars spent on promoting your business and you’re getting the potential of leads being generated through this process. Best of all there are no setup fees, no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. We look forward to working with you on a monthly basis and having a collaborative 2019.