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Hello I’m Shena Verrett, Social Muse Being an Influencer!  I found one thing to be true and that is I have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Okay, not so much a knack but I go with my instincts and my two criteria that I apply before going to a hang-out spot, restaurant, networking event, etc.

When I put the two together I usually end up in the right place at the right time.

1.) Be something I enjoy doing and 2.) Have a good vibe. Now your two criteria are your choice.

Really, just being aware of these two criteria have landed me great invites to parties, concerts and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have unless I was there.

A few weeks ago I was at my regular hang-out Blends: A Coffee Boutique and a friend came in and joined me for a Lavender Brew. The friend invited me to a black-tie gala; It was an organization I wasn’t involved in and honoring people I didn’t know. However, it was 1) What I enjoy doing ! An opportunity to spend the evening with someone fun not to mention free food.  2.) A Gala?! A chance to dress up and rub elbows, definitely a vibe I want to be around.

Short story long, I went, ran into some great friends, drank some good wine, and created a great opportunity simply through conversing with exciting new people.

Social Musings #2

If you know where to go, you’ll meet who you want to know.

1. Be a creature of habit.

By having my favorite spot with a good vibe like Blends: A Coffee Boutique, I’m sure to run into friends and colleagues I can connect with. One reason I love the place.

2. Introduce good friends to something new.

It establishes good taste, expands your social universe! My good friend invited me to a fun gala. This is a friend whose invitation I value and appreciate. The event was fab!

3. Share! But never reveal everything.

The best thing about being there is being there! So by leaving some things out of the re-telling (or posting) like a few names and a couple details,  allows you to share but not give away all the spoilers. 

That’s all for now but there’s more where that came from. Find Who’s Who & What’s What segments, Social Musings, Blogs, Music and more at

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