Unique Design X Savannah

Unique Design X Group is a female-founded boutique design fair for the promotion of collectible design furniture and its community of creators and their representative galleries. Our goal is to enhance the collectible design community by encouraging innovation and creativity through multi-culturally diverse exchanges.

As an international creative company, they believe in a pluralistic vision of design that is inclusive of all backgrounds, all possible ways of being, imaginable styles of living, and all opportunities for creativity.

Diversity of thought and experience are what fuel the beauty and power of creativity. They enthusiastically support creating a global community, where creativity travels beyond borders and all stories are embraced as one’s own.

Experience a selection of work by 18 artists architects and designers from around the world who create “collectable design”-collectible-worthy objects which function as furniture. A multi-disciplinary for of creativity, collectible design reimagines the idea of furnishing contemporary spaces with functional art.