Savannah PirateCon 2022

Shiver me timbers!! aAARRGH YOU READY?!?? Savannah PirateCon is upon us. Please dress in costume!! You need more than a bandana and a eye patch. The crazier the costume the better. Plan on raiding some drinking establishments for some spirits, splicing the main brace, and getting squiffy.

There isn’t a better city to have a pirate themed pub crawl than the city where Robert Lewis Stevenson penned some of Treasure Island.

Bar list will be posted week before with a map. It will be HOT so make sure your hydrated. Food will be available along the way. Tybee Piratefest is months away so a good chance to get your costume ready.

This will be it until SantaCon in December. I hope to see everyone there, as will the visitors to Savannah as they see a bunch of drunk Scallywags on River Street. This is a Adult only event, we will come in contact with children so be respectful, and candy/coins are good to pass out.
1. Say “Arrr” continuously – no hearty band of seafarin’ scoundrels should e’er be silent and “Arrr” should be the constant background sound at every PirateCon
2. Group “Arrr” – when someone in the crew says “Arrr” loudly everyone in the crew must respond with a loud “Arrr” (this should happen often, especially in bars)
3. Have a pirate name – “<Color>beard” is a good choice, especially if you don’t have a beard
4. “Matey/Lass” is how ye address individual men/women (so you don’t need to remember their pirate names)
5. “Me hearties” is how ye needs be addressin’ yer fellow pirates collectively
6. Drink rum or beer – it’s PirateCon fer land sakes!
7. Pay with cash and tip generously – it saves time and cultivates goodwill so we’ll be welcome back next time
8. If you don’t dress up you can’t really join in, but you don’t have to dress up as a pirate – any pirate-related costume will be ok.
10. A PirateCon is usually for adults only. The sight of a crowd of jolly pirates may be hugely entertaining for children but the midst of it is no place for them
11. A PirateCon is usually an informal public gathering and, while some pirates will have taken the initiative to organize it, you are responsible for your own actions. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.
12. PirateCon is intended to foster a sense of community. It is not a case of “every man for himself” so please do your part to help keep the crew together and on course.
13. PirateCon is a drama free event, if you cannot handle your alcohol, and are prone to fights and arguments please do not attend. These actions reflect poorly on the Savannah Pub crawlers, who have had many events without incident.