Business Promotion or Just Another Business Listing?

What’s your take on business listings? Most organizations that have business listings place your company name and information in the hope that a visitor to the business listing discovers your business.  The information placed on the listing is basic, no real content that helps promote your page.

Live Like Locals Business Listing takes things several steps forward in an attempt to give you more chances of getting an actual client than just having your company URL and basic information placed on our website, with that in mind here are four ways that our listing can help you acquire new clients.

A Unique Sales Landing Page

We create a unique sales Landing Page on our website with the goal of helping you get a lead or sale through a specific call to action. The page does include basic information like a description of your business and contact information but it also includes a well thought out call to action. The call to action can be a purchase of a product or service, a free giveaway that they can acquire by completing an online form. This increases the chances that someone viewing your content on our Business Listing becomes interested in your product or service and decides make and inquiry, thus creating a sale or a lead for your business. Another great feature on the landing page is that we enhance the offer through the use of video. 


Limited Promoted Posts

We love reaching new viewers through our Live Like Locals platforms but regardless if you have 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers most platforms limit how many people you actually reach. We recognize this fact and we selectively spend money promoting posts of your business each month with the goal of enhancing the amount of leads or sales you get through our platforms. These promoted posts along with our regular monthly post on our platforms increase your chances for a lead or sale. 


We Create Video 

Lets face it most people would rather watch a video than read a blog. We know that people are visual and make sure that we include video in our listing for our businesses. We first create a welcome video that basically tells our audience that you’ve joined our platform. Then we have a longer one minute video that spends more time expanding on your call to action. What other business listing offers this kind of feature? 


More Promotion 

How can we forget to mention that we have other platforms like our 24/7 LLL TV which we will be adding our own developed content like our own Savannah Morning Show which will enhance our community reach. This platform will also be used to get your business in front of more people with no additional cost to you… Amazing!

We also have our own Savannah Marketplace which gives locals an opportunity to sell there products and services through a local savannah marketplace promoted every month through Live Like Locals Savannah.


A Backbone in Digital Marketing

Live Like Locals Savannah’s backbone in in digital marketing through it’s parent company Speyre Network. Speyre’s focus in all things online, web, social, email and video are all brought to life through Live Like Locals. The Live Like Locals Business Listing is one of the tools created to help growyour business. Sign-up now: