Barkly Grove: Your Pet’s Choice for Pet Sitters

I think we have pretty cool jobs here at Live Like Locals Savannah but don’t tell the boss that I’m secretly jealous of the folks at Barkly Grove.  They have the absolute coolest job. They get to play with puppies all day.  Who doesn’t want to play with puppies all day?

They definitely do more that too but they had me at puppies. Here’s what I learned about Barkly Grove:

Dog Walking

Barkly Grove cares for animals who have busy pawrents or who may need a little extra attention and potty breaks throughout the day.  Senior dogs and puppies sometimes have a hard time holding it all day usually need a mid-day potty break but dog moms and dads have jobs and can’t always run home in the middle of the day to walk the dogs.


Ummm… yes please.  I’d love one of those.  Oh wait, this isn’t about me. Sorry, it’s so hard to focus when I’m writing about puppies and vacations.

Barkly Grove pet sitters visit with animals 2-3 times a day while their pawrents are away on vacation.  Not only do they do morning and evening feedings but they make sure the pups and cats get plenty of love and attention and SNACKS during each visit.

While all the world’s problems cannot be solved with belly rubs and snacks, they do reduce anxiety and help a pet feel loved and secure while their pawrents are away.

Let’s not forget the cats.  While most are usually pretty self contained animals, they do still need checking in on while pawrents are away.  The litter box needs to be changed and they need some human interaction.  The folks at Barkly Grove are firm believers that every animal needs some love and attention EVERY DAY.

Kennels are great and we definitely have some fantastic kennels in Savannah but they are not always right for every animal.  Vacation visits are fantastic for the animal that would truly prefer to be at home where it’s nice and quiet and they can keep their normal routine.

Serving Savannah

They have team members who serve the greater Savannah Metro.  You may have even seen them around town walking pups.  If you see them, say hi.  Ask them how your pet can become a Barkly Grove pet.

For all your furry family members – check out the specials right here on our Barkly Grove Business Listing.


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