Art of the Influencer

When Live Like Locals approached me to be their Lead Influencer,  I was excited to be able to share my experiences and know-how with other creative individuals that feel they can make an impact on their immediate surroundings and their social media universe.

These are social musings that have made for a successful road as an Influencer and artist.


Social Musings #1


1. Don’t wait until…

Don’t wait Until, you have an agent or Until you have the money for whatever … believe in yourself first. When I lived in New York I worked consistently as a model; it was my bread and butter. But as you can see I’m not 6’ tall so how did I make that happen? Well, I got a couple of opportunities that lead to word of mouth and met some amazing photographers when I went to go-sees for magazines whether I was what they were looking for or not.  I was persistent, professional and prepared but not a pest. The point is I’ve been in over 80 major publications over the years and 95% of them without an agent. So don’t wait Until… make it happen.

2. When nothing is happening…Make a party!!

A wonderful photographer friend of mine is famous for ‘making a party’. He invites his most creative and interesting friends and usually has someone that has just stopped into town. A big bowl of Pasta and a bottle of wine is all it takes with the right people. Have your own event for whatever gives you a reason to network or showcase your talent. Invite friends over for a potluck or BBQ and show off your latest paintings or new songs. Have colleagues meet you at an event and in doing so sharing an interest. Anytime is a good time to nourish good relationships with both friends and co-workers.

3. Get out of your head, enjoy what you do best!

If you really rock at it Share it. If you are good at anything and you feel like you can reach others by doing it, then go ahead and plan but don’t
overthink it. For several years I’ve been shooting video and Web TV projects. Each venture, though raw and shaky allowed me to cultivate my skills, brand and build my following locally and on social media. Eventually I caught the eye of other media outlets including Live Like Locals, largely because I use my strengths and stay true to myself. Which is what it’s all about right?

Learn all about “the art of the influencer” by checking our influencer program on my website at While you’re there check out “Who’s Who & What’s What, Blogs, Music and much more.

Keep it Social!


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