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Savannah Ghost & Cemetery Tours

The history of Savannah is full of mystery and whether you walk down the main streets of Broughton and Bay or you walk along the squares of Columbia and Calhoun you will find stories that date back hundreds of years. We invite you to take one of our three main tours.

Our Sixth Sense Savannah tour will walk you alongside the Vicotian era of Savannah and discover homes like the Mercer Home and The America’s Haunted City Tour will have you take a stroll down the Colonial era of Savannah. There you will discover locations like the infamous and oldest Hotel in Savannah, The Marshall House.

Or enjoy the beauty of Savannah’s 3rd Oldest cemetery, Bonaventure. Where you will discover the history of Savannah’s famous people and where they came to rest.


Are you ready to take a tour in Savannah or at Bonaventure Cemetery? Then, here’s a coupon code that you can use upon checking out… You’ll get a beautiful Souvenir Map!

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