6 new features happening with Live Like Locals Savannah

We’re so excited with how 2021 has shaped up! We’re excited to be moving forward and leaving the pandemic behind us. Like so many businesses, we had to put some of our 2020 plans on hold. But now… we’re ready to announce some exciting new features that we’re making to Live Like Locals. Our goal is to dig deep into the Savannah community and connect more with local causes and to create a platform for the community to connect with local businesses, with that in mind, here are 6 new features that are coming to life in 2021 with Live Like Locals Savannah.

Our New Live Like Locals Website

Our new website will be a constant work in progress, not in the sense of it’s not complete but in the sense of it will be always improving. It’s a concept that our parent company firmly believes in, that a website should be constantly changing and improving, a website is never finished because the day your website is finished is the day you’re headed to being out of business.

Live Like Locals will be constantly adding new features that will help us connect better with the community and open opportunities for business to promote their products and services. Continue reading and you’ll discover some of the changes we’ve already made to the website.

Live Like Locals 24/7 TV

Once you visit www.livelikelocals.tv you will notice that we’ve finally become a TV. We are streaming content related to Savannah 24/7. This new feature will allow local content creators to also stream their content. As new content becomes available we’ll be using social media, email and local in the streets guerilla marketing to get the word out. 


A Promotional Business Listing

We have added a business listing or a directory to our website. This listing is so much more than simply getting your business added to some local website. It’s designed to promote your business and help get you new leads and customers. We don’t just list your company we promote it on our social platforms, email campaigns and paid social advertising.

Want to learn more? https://www.livelikelocals.tv/business-promotion-or-just-another-business-listing/

The launch of the Savannah Marketplace

Imagine Etsy and Groupon got together to form a new company, it just may be the Savannah Marketplace. This might be one of the coolest features of 2021. The Savannah Marketplace is a place where locals can promote their handmade products, designers and artists can sell their art and the service industry can promote and sell their services too.

This gives locals and visitors the opportunity to shop online for all things local to Savannah. We will be aggressively promoting the online store both online and in the Savannah community. More exposure to your products means more sales. Every Maker in Savannah needs to check out this amazing feature.

Want to learn more? https://www.livelikelocals.tv/introducing-the-savannah-marketplace-local-shopping-made-easy/

The All New Savannah Morning Show

We want to shine light on some of the incredible people in Savannah doing incredible things. We want to help tell the stories that normally don’t get as much media attention, give Savannah a place to discover each other and some of the great things happening in our city. In order to do that we decided to create our own Morning Show.

We’re looking for community stories, not the headline news, but the stories that touch the community, stories that remind us that we’re all making an effort to strive for more and that help make things better. If you know of someone or an organization that fits this criteria, let us know by emailing us at theteam@LiveLikeLocals.tv

Want to learn more about becoming a co-host? Link coming soon. 
Want to learn more about The Morning Show? Link coming soon. 

Event Promotion Service

We have had a great time recording and streaming our Savannah Top Five Segment, it highlights 5 of the best events that we feel both locals and a visitor would like to attend. During that time we see events all the time with little online promotion besides being listed on an events page. That makes us a little sad. With the right marketing and promotion, some of these organizations could be increasing attendance, gaining volunteers and raising more funds for their charities.

We have expanded our services now to include giving businesses the tools to promote their events more effectively. Event calendars are great but if you want to increase attendance, you need MUCH more than that. You need marketing and coverage before, during and after an event. We have included video promotion creation, promoting events on our platforms and also a spend on paid advertising, which means that with every package we will spend money to socially advertise your event online.

Want to learn more? https://www.livelikelocals.tv/services/

And That’s a Wrap!

If you’re someone who loves being part of this great city of Savannah, we recommend that you sign-up for our upcoming updates filled with local stories, upcoming events, contests, giveaways and connections to local businesses.

If you’re a business owner, do yourself a favor and let’s get connected so that you can discover all the possibilities of collaborating and promoting your business through our wide variety of promotional opportunities within Live Like Locals Savannah. We can’t wait to connect with you. Email us at theteam@LiveLikeLocals.tv