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Women's Day Conference

Women’s Day Conference

By Ammie Dover Our friends at Agenda Latina announced their 8th Annual Women’s Day Conference: Victorious Women Conference. Each year the conference celebrates the many accomplishments of women...

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Welcome to Live Like Locals Savannah

Live Like Locals Savannah is excited to announce we’re back in 2023, bringing you the best in entertainment, culture and features news that the Hostess City has to offer. We’re working with a group of movers and shakers to make an impact with Live Like Locals in...

What Happened to Live Like Locals?

Cancer. Cancer happened to me, Jose Rosa, the owner of Live Like Locals. Unfortunately, we were rebounding from COVID, and I suddenly came down with a cough. The cough became persistent and ended up being accompanied by a fever and no, I did not have COVID, that...

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